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Application format last updated: 2018-01-16
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Volunteering to moderate

Thank you for taking interest in volunteering to moderate! Being a game moderator can be an interesting and fun experience. However, moderating a game is not an easy job. You will inevitably deal with rude people. You job will be to maintain order by stopping rule breakers and promoting a healthy and fun gaming experience.

Please ensure that you can handle the potential stress of being a game moderator before continuing with the application.


  • Moderating rule breakers and help maintain a fun gaming experience in a professional manner and following the correct procedures
  • Actively participate in community (forums, Discord)
  • Attempt to resolve issues in a fair manner
  • Report any issues that you cannot resolve on your own
  • Work together with your fellow game moderators to achieve the above


  • No active bans, past bans will be looked at
  • Approved forum account
  • Secure Steam account: Not shared and Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator enabled
  • Reasonable ability to communicate in English
  • Minimum of 7 days (168 hours) total playtime recorded on our servers (accumulated since 2014)
  • Minimum of 300 hours on the game you will be moderating as reported by Steam, and therefore good knowledge of the game you will be moderating


  • Avoid clumping everything in one massive text blob
  • Proofread before submitting
  • Read carefully when filling out the form as to answer all questions throughly
  • Keep the application relevant; don't mention things that you think wouldn't be relevant
  • Do not apply if you do not meet the requirements, or intend to complete it with little to no effort
  • Do not lie on the application, you risk being blacklisted from applying in the future

Application Format

Copy and paste when making your application thread. and replace the sections with [Placeholder]. Do not keep the "{ }" brackets.
Thread title: Mod App: {Steam Name} ({Steam2 ID})
Steam Name:
ID Name:
Steam ID:
Location and timezone:
Referred by current admin:
Server(s) you are applying for:

About yourself
{about yourself here}

Past experience
{past exp here}

ID Name - The name you wish to use should you be accepted. This will become your name on the forums and in the Admin system. A-z, 0-9 only. Repeat your forum name if you wish to keep it and it meets the requirements.
Steam ID - Must be in the Steam2 format (STEAM_0:0:1234567). Use this site to find.
Location and timezone - East US, UTC-5 is all we expect. Use this site to find your timezone relative to UTC.
Reffered by admin - List of admins that recommend you. Prefix their name with an @ sign. (ex. @Yuki)


Click here to apply. Remember to copy paste the application format.

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