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Application format last updated: April 2, 2018
Application information page last updated: May 12, 2018

Volunteering to moderate

Thank you for taking interest in volunteering to moderate! Being a game moderator can be an interesting and fun experience however moderating is a thankless job. It can be very stressful and won't be easy. You will inevitably deal with rude people and other types of unpleasant individuals. Your goal will be to maintain order by stopping rule breakers, issuing appropriate punishements, promoting and maintaining an enjoyable environment for all.

Please ensure that you are ready to commit some time out of your day and that you can deal the potential stress of being a game moderator before continuing with the application.


Here's a little bit about what you're going to be doing

  • Moderating rule breakers and help maintain a fun gaming experience
  • Actively participate in community (forums, Discord)
  • Attempt to resolve issues in a fair manner
  • Report any issues that you cannot resolve on your own
  • Work together with your fellow game moderators to achieve the above
  • A reasonable username (xxSuperProMemerxx is hard to take seriously)

What we're looking for

  • People that have been actively participating in the community
  • People that can use their own judgement to make fair decisions within the rules
  • Calm and understanding (even in the event of losing admin due to cuts, reset, etc)
  • People who are wiling to help out when possible
  • People who get along with other people
  • People who can be serious when necessary
  • People who are familiar with our rules


  • Approved forum account (that means you shouldn't see the new account notice anymore)
  • Secure Steam account: You should be the sole owner and user of the account
    Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator must be enabled
  • Reasonable ability to communicate in English
  • Minimum of 10 days (240 hours) of total playtime recorded on our servers (counted since 2014)
  • Minimum of 300 hours on the game you will be moderating as reported by Steam


  • Do I have to meet everything listed up there?
  • Do I have to have a microphone to apply?
    No, but it is preferred.
  • Do I have to follow the format below?
    Yes. Applications not following it will be denied.
  • Is there an age limit to apply?
    No, this is entirely dependant on how you interact with other people and so on.
  • How long should my application be?
    As long as it needs to be to cover the required information and what you feel is adequate to convince us that you should be picked above other applicants.
  • What if I have additional questions?
    Message Yuki via the forums or Steam.

Application Format

Copy and paste when making your application thread. and replace the sections with {placeholders}. Do not keep the "{}" brackets.
Make your thread title: Mod App: {Steam Name}
Thread content should include the following:
Steam Name:
ID Name:
Steam ID:
Steam URL:
Location and timezone:
Referred by current admin:
Server(s) you are applying for:

About yourself
{talk a little about yourself and why you'd make a good admin}

Past experience
{talk about any relevant past experiences}

Some things to note
ID Name - The name you wish to use should you be accepted. This will become your name on the forums and in the Admin system. A-z, 0-9 and spaces only. Repeat your forum name if you wish to keep it and it meets the requirements.
Steam ID - Using this site , it should the the Steam ID. Steam URL - Using this site , it should be the Profile Permalink. Location and timezone - East US, UTC-5 is all we expect. Use this site to find your timezone relative to UTC.

Ready to apply?

Click here to apply. Remember to copy paste the application format.

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