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Last updated: May 12, 2021

Before you apply,

Please be sure this is what you want. This isn't going to be all fun and games. You will be expected to uphold a certain standard and do well to perform the responsibilties outlined below. Do not apply if your intention is entirely for the status and title.


  • Maintain order on server
  • Enforce the rules via warnings, mutes and bans appropriately
  • Promote a positive environment
  • Resolve conflicts in a fair manner
  • Not misuse your privileges reasons that isn't for the above


  • Spent enough time around here such that you are familiar with the rules here
  • 240 or more hours logged on TF2 according to Steam
  • No major infractions
  • Unshared Steam account with Steam Guard enabled
  • Joined the SG Discord
  • A forum account
  • There is no minimum age requirement but you should be mature enough to handle the responsiblities outlined above


Title must be "App: SteamName (STEAMID)" and make sure you include the following in your thread. Keep the following as headers and write under each prompt.

  • Steam Name
  • Steam ID
  • Steam profile URL
  • Age
  • General location
  • Which server(s) you are interested for (and primarily play)
  • Short paragraph about who you are, why you are applying, why you think you would be a good fit
  • If applicable: any past experience from a different server or game and how it it applies to becoming an admin here
*Steam ID: Use this site to get your Steam ID. The format STEAM_0:0:XYZ is required.
*General location: this is for timezome purposes, so state what country you play from. If you're in a country that span several timezones, specify a zone like "East US" or "UTC-4".


- Feel free to format it in any way you like, just ensure that it is easily readable.

If you are accepted, you will be provided with the basics on how to use commands in-game and what's expected of you. Once you've read those and still want to join the team, you can ask that your application be finalized and added to the team.

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