Forum rules

Applies to the forums

Last updated: May 4, 2018
This may be updated without notice.


These are some examples. Not everything can be listed here, just because it's not here doesn't necessarily mean you can do it.

  • No racism or discrimination
    • Things including but not limited to racist comments, sexist comments, religious intolerance and hate speech will get you banned. If you think someone might be offended, don't say it.
    • No variation of the n-word is allowed here. We're not spending the time to argue with you.
  • No offensive language
    • Don't insult or provoke others. Keep it mild.
  • Treat other people with respect
    • Treat others how you'd like to be treated.
  • Don't pretend to be an Admin or impersonate one
    • Using a current admin's name and impersonating them is going to net you a permanent ban.
    • This can include using fake admin tags, pretending to be an admin and intentions to mislead other people.
  • No advertising
    • You are not to advertise other websites, servers, communities or products without permission.
    • Advertising your trades should be done in a manner that does not violate other rules.
  • Offensive names
    • Names cannot containing racist, sexist, insults or other discriminatory comments.
  • No spamming
    • Don't fill the site or chatbox with unintelligible spam that render communication impossible or otherwise deemed irritating.
    • Screaming, making noises or otherwise irritating behavior on the voice channel is not allowed.
    • Be considerate to other people when you speak or you'll get muted.
  • Ban evasion
    • Making a new account to circumvent a ban will result in the original ban extended and all related accounts banned permanently.
  • Posting other people's personal or private information without their consent or authorization
    • This can include things such as names, pictures, addresses, numbers and others.
    • Make sure to ask the person first.
  • Posting other people's personal or private information without their consent or authorization
    • This includes but not limited to names, pictures, addresses, numbers and others.
    • Make sure to ask the person first.
  • Innapropriate content
    • Profile pictures, images and other means where your content is shown cannot contain illegal or other objectionable content. We reserve the remove any content we deem innapropriate.
    • This includes but is not limited to porn, anime porn/hentai, gore, racist, sexist and other content.
  • No abuse of exploits
    • Abusing of any exploits is forbidden.
    • Report the exploit or bug. Otherwise, you run the risk of being banned if you continue to exploit. This will scale with the severity of the exploit. Ask if you are unsure, there's no loss in making sure you are within the rules!
  • Disruptive, Obnoxious behavior or being a general problem
    • Degrading other people's experience will result in punishement for you.
    • This is a category that will inevitably be impossible to comprehensibly list. If you were told to stop by an admin, you are to stop or risk being punished under this rule.
  • Harassment
    • Don't harass other people.
  • Don't:
    • Bump threads
    • Make meaningless threads, make a profile post instead
    • Posting in the incorrect section
    • Reviving dead threads / Necroposting
    • Contribute to spam but reply to spam. Report it instead or it will be considered as if you contributed to the spam.
    • Make multiple threads about the same topic
    • Posting malicious links or files

Warning Points System

You receive warning points and when your account crosses a threshold of warning points, it will be suspended until they expire and brings you back under the threshold. If we deem that your intent is to simply stir trouble, you may get banned outright.


Bans can extend to any of our other services. This means a ban in Team Fortress 2 can be extended to Discord, Minecraft or other services.

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    May 31, 2015
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