TF2 General Server Rules

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Last updated: August 2018

This set of rules apply to:
  • All our Team Fortress 2 game servers
It is your responsibility to read and understand these rules. Failing to adhere to these rules will result in content removal, warnings and bans. Subsequent infractions or depending on severity, you can be banned without warning. Please think before you act.

Most recent changes
This section contains a list of areas that have been changed. You should head towards those sections and re-read the rules.
  • Minor text fixes
Personal Content
  • Cannot contain anything banned by our policy content where applicable
  • Cannot contain anything banned by our policy content where applicable
Profile picture
  • Cannot contain anything banned by our policy content where applicable
Communication, e.g. Voice Chat and Chat box
  • You may not use any offensive language which can include insults, excessive raging, disrespecting or provoking admins or other players or any kind of discrimination.
  • Racism is strictly forbidden. No variation of the n-word is allowed here. Attempts to circumvent this rule with alternate "leetspeak" or otherwise will fall under this rule. We're not spending the time to argue with you.
  • Ageism is forbidden. Anyone are welcome regardless of their age.
  • Bigotry will not be tolerated.
  • You are not to advertise other websites, servers, communities or products without permission.
    Advertising your trades should be done in a manner that does not violate other rules.
  • You may not spam or contribute to spam or play irritating sounds (ie. earrape) or be excessively loud. This includes but is not limited to the use of voice changers, sound boards, TTS software and chat macros.
  • You may not intimidate, harass or post for the sole reason to aggravate other users.
  • You may not shitpost.
  • You may not threaten people, including but not limited to threats of DDoS, dox, raids or harm.
  • You may not promote or encourage people to induce self-harm or suicide.
  • You may not share content with intent to shame or degrade.
  • You will treat others with respect.
  • On voice chat, you may not speak a foreign language as we are an English-speaking server.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy towards the use of cheats to gain an unfair advantage. This will always result in an permanent ban.
  • Excuses such as "my friend installed hacks on my account" is not valid. It is your account and therefore your responsibility to secure it.
  • You may not knowingly abuse or exploit a flaw for personal gain including an unfair advantage in game-play. Instead, report the exploit.
Punishment Evasion
  • You may not circumvent any administrative action or punishment via a new account or other means.
  • You can protect yourself by ensuring your trades are done in one transaction within the Steam Trading system. Out of Steam trades can be dangerous and are taken at your own risk.
  • If you believe you have been scammed, we recommend you file a report with SteamRep. For more information about SteamRep, click here.
Disruptive behavior or griefing
  • You may not deliberately engage in disruptive behavior which can include teleporter trapping/getting other players stuck, deliberately blocking other player's view, delaying, teaming with a player on the other team or prolonging round.
  • You may not 'ghost' or reveal information to living players while you are dead or in spectators. The only exception is when someone is hiding only to needlessly prolong the round.
Admin Impersonation
  • You may not attempt to mislead other people.
  • This can include the use of fake [Admin] tags and impersonating an active admin.
Admin Obstruction
  • You may not warn rulebreakers that an admin is coming on the server.
  • You may not lie to admins.
Admin Disrespect
Do not be disrespectful towards admins or players.
Admins have the final say on matters. If you truly believe that you are not in the wrong or that an admin has made a mistake, you can contact the admin involved to have a respectful conversation about a mutually satisfactory solution informally. If you are unable to resolve the issue informally, you may file an appeal on the forums.
Content Policy
This is a non-inclusive list of content that is forbidden. Non-inclusive means it does not include every possible example. All other rules are to be followed without breaking the following.
  • Images considered too sexual, discriminatory, too graphic, illegal, shocking or otherwise inappropriate
    This can include porn, hentai and gore.
  • Someone's personal or private information including photos, real names, addresses, email and numbers without their consent
  • Advertisement without permission (except Steam Item Trading)
  • Malicious files or links
Questions, suggestions or concerns?
Feel free to make a new thread with your concerns in the correct section.
Bans can be extended to other platforms (e.g. Discord or forums).
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