Last updated: July 2022

It is your responsibility to read and understand these rules. Failing to adhere to these rules will result in content removal, warnings and bans. The following list is a examples, just because it’s not here does not mean it’s acceptable. Keep in mind the spirit in which the rules are written, and know that looking for loopholes is a waste of time.

Here are basics you need to know

  • Impersonate any admins with to mislead or deceit
  • Facilitate or aid in the violation of the rules
  • Do not misuse vote menu (or voteteamban) without acceptable justification
  • Do not attempt to evade any bans
  • No disruptive behavior: includes but not limited to spamming, slurs, hate speech, harassment, insults or toxic
  • Do not intentionally provide falsified or misleading information
  • No self-promotion or advertising (except steam item trading in the appropriate channel)
  • No NSFW content outside of NSFW channels
  • Do not post anyone else’s personal information
  • Do not post anything that is illegal or malicious
  • Do not ‘hack’ or cheat
  • Do not knowingly exploit

The final verdict and rule interpretation is at staff discretion. If you are asked by any staff to stop doing something then do so.

NB: Scamming You can protect yourself by ensuring your trades are done in one transaction within the Steam Trading system. Ensure the correct items are what you want in return to what you are sending away before the final confirmation. Out of Steam trades can be dangerous and are taken at your own risk.

If you believe you have been scammed, you may wish to file a report with SteamRep. For more information about SteamRep, click here.

NB: Disruptive behavior You may not deliberately engage in behavior that disrupt the gameplay or otherwise negative affect another player’s experience. This can include teleport trapping/getting other players stuck, deliberately blocking other player’s view, delaying, teaming with a player on the other team or needlessly prolonging a round.

You may not ‘ghost’ or reveal information to living players while you are dead or in spectators. The only exception is when someone is hiding only to needlessly prolong the round. Misuse of this will result in punishment.