TF2 Freak Fortress Rules

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Last updated: November 2018

Applies to:
  • TF2 Freak Fortress servers
It is your responsibility to read and understand these rules. Failing to adhere to these rules will result in content removal, warnings and bans. The following list is a examples, just because it's not here does not mean it's acceptable. Keep in mind the spirit in which the rules are written, and know that looking for loopholes is a waste of time.

What is Freak Fortress?
Freak Fortress 2 or FF2 is a custom game mode pits one player against all to a battle to the death.

A queue system exist to determine who becomes the boss at the beginning of each round. At the end of each round, every player is given 10 points. The player with the most points will be chosen as the next boss. You may additionally pick which boss you would like to play as with the !ff2boss command. Do note that your choice does not carry across map changes.

Hale / Boss
Hales or bosses have many abilities but share similar concepts and rules. Bosses' health pool depends on amount of players fighting them. Some example of abilities can include:
  • Rage builds when taking damage. Once their rage meter is full, they can use it by calling Medic! (default bound to E). Rages cam have various effects such as stunning players, summoning weapons or minions and triggering temporary boosts.
  • Super Jump sends the hale up in the direction of their movement. It’s charged by crouching or holding right click and releasing while looking up. A charge meter will appear, super jumps go higher the more they are charged.
  • Teleport places the hale above a random player. It’s charged by crouching or holding right click and releasing while looking up. A charge meter will appear, teleport must be charged to 100% before they can be used.
  • Dashes lunge the hale in the direction they’re facing. It’s used by jumping while airborne. A counter will show the number of dashes you have left.
  • Weigh down allows a hale to slam the ground. It’s executed by looking down and holding crouch while airborne. Some hales may also have to press the reload button and wait for their super jump to cool down.
  • Reload abilities are rare but allow certain hales to choose which ability to activate. These often cost rage and should be used wisely.
The remaining players
The remaining players (generally the red team) has many buffs and bonuses to give them a fighting chance.
  • Red players can goomba stomp the hale for extra damage.
  • Back stabs and Market Gardens deal extra damage.
  • Snipers can climb walls using their melee weapons.
  • Engineers can build Amplifiers, a dispenser that provides crits instead of health and ammo.
  • Weapons with “On Kill” attributes will trigger on hit. For example, the Candy Cane drops health packs on hit and the Eyelander collects heads on hit.
  • Some weapons have permanent mini-crits or crits. For example, most melee weapons have crits. Certain weapons such as the Engineer's pistol, the Crusader’s Crossbow and Huntsman also gain permanent crits.
  • Certain weapons that would normally fire bullets or lasers fire rockets.
General gameplay rules
This is a general list of specific Freak Fortress 2 Rules to be followed, use common sense when regarding those not listed.

In addition to the delaying or prolonging round rule, the following can be considered as delaying where applicable:

On both teams:
  • Being friendly, not attacking/avoiding conflict or making no attempt to deal damage
    Refer to the TF2 General Server rules' disruptive behavior rule on prolonging rounds
On the boss team:
  • Continuous use of super jump, making minimal attempt to fight reds
  • Excessive camping - staying in enclosed areas or camping in certain areas of the map for an extended amount of time (For red players, this includes minion spawn areas)
    This can include: sitting in the caves on crevice above jump pads, staying in spawns and not coming out, staying in tight areas such as vents or tunnels on maps such as dust_showdown
    While directed at bosses, the other team is encouraged to follow this rule to a lesser extent
On the team with the remaining players:
  • You may not hide or avoid the boss in order to gain guaranteed mini-crit damage or critical damage when there are only few remaining players.
  • You may not excessively air blasting beyond what is necessary to save a teammate or yourself as Pyro as this increases the boss's rage meter and will be considered feeding.
This section outlines what happens given a certain scenario

There are Engineers who refuse to leave their nest
  • Engineers are allowed to stay in their nests provided they aren’t camping in a corner of the map. They’re still encouraged to follow the rules and fight.
Minions who are not actively aiding the boss
  • A hale’s minions are exempt from delaying rules as they’re automatically slain when the hale dies. They’re still encouraged to follow the rules and fight as it negates the point of the boss' summoning ability
Last alive player wishes to rock-paper-scissors or (RPS)
  • This is allowed only if every player, dead or alive, is okay with it and not forced to spectate unwillingly. Don’t waste anyone’s time.
Bans will be extended to other platforms (such as Discord).
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