Freak Fortress rules

Applies to FF2 / VSH servers in addition to Server rules

Last updated: May 4, 2018
This may be updated without notice.


These are some examples. Not everything can be listed here, just because it's not here doesn't necessarily mean you can do it.

  • Excessive airblasting
    • Excessively air blasting is not allowed as it increases the boss' rage meter. Airblasting should be used to push the boss off the map or save yourself or someone else when the opportunity arises.
    • This can be considered griefing in certain cases.
  • Teaming
    • Don't team with Hale, do your damage and don't waste everyone else's time.


Bans can extend to any of our other services. This means a ban in Team Fortress 2 can be extended to Discord, Minecraft or other services.