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Last updated: April 2020

Applies to:
  • TF2 Jailbreak servers
It is your responsibility to read and understand these rules. Failing to adhere to these rules will result in content removal, warnings and bans. The following list is a examples, just because it's not here does not mean it's acceptable. Keep in mind the spirit in which the rules are written, and know that looking for loopholes is a waste of time.

Latest changes
For your convenience, here are the latest changes:
  • Unbans Box Game after stability fix applied (Apr 14)
  • Adds rule about breaking map minigame under General gameplay rules (Apr 14)
What is Jailbreak?
Jailbreak is a custom gamemode where the Red team are "Prisoners", while the Blu team are "Guards". One guard plays the role of the "Warden" and his/her goal is to order the Red team to compete in various minigames. Prisoners who fail the minigames are eliminated, until only one remains to participate a in a last request. Alternatively, Red players may choose to rebel and eliminate the Blu team for a red victory.
  • Prisoner / Red - A player on the red team
  • Guard / Blu - A player on the blue team
  • Warden - A designated blu player who will be putting the prisoners through minigames
  • Rebel - players that are KoS: (See Kill on sight)
    • using lethal taunts (unless necessary in LR or otherwise)
    • disobeying Warden order; including delaying needlessly
    • attacked a Blu or building owned by a player (see Baiting)
    • shooting or possessing ammunition (they may be asked to waste all the ammo on the ground and, if they comply, pardoned. You must directly see the RED fire the ammo.)
    • seen opening and/or entering restricted areas such as secrets, armory or security gates
    • aiding another rebel; includes healing a rebel
  • Baiting - If outside a Red-occupied area, Blu players or building within melee range of a red player may be attacked (or sapped) without consequences provided the red player does not chase an escaping Blu. If inside a Red-occupied area, red players may chase and attack within the Red-occupied area
  • Red-occupied area - is an area intended for and occupied by red players such as the red side of a minigame or medic/infirmary
  • Freekill, Mass freekill - Killing a red without a valid reason, killing numerous reds without a valid reason
  • Freehit, Mass freehit - Damage a red without a valid reason, damaging numerous reds without a valid reason
  • Kill on sight / KoS - A rebel that should be shot on sight
  • AFK / Freeze - You cannot move, swing, shoot, jump or crouch. However, you may freelook around or taunt provided the taunt is non-lethal and does not make you move (Taunts such as Conga that force you to move is not frozen). Cannot be called while a minigame is active. Weapon switching is considered frozen.
  • Pardoning - The act of forgiving a rebel, thus unmarking them as KoS. Cannot be used on players that:
    • skipped a minigame the other reds have played
    • when another red has already been killed for the same reason
    • exploited to avoid a minigame death
  • Crouch walking - You walk while crouching. Nothing else is crouch walking.
  • Freeday - A day where red are free to do whatever they please provided they do not turn into rebels
  • First day freeday - Same as a freeday reds are rebel once there is one guard remaining
  • Last request / LR - the last remaining red shall pick an activity in which to compete against or play with the remaining blu players
  • Double last request / Double LR - Same as Last request, but with the last 2 remaining reds
  • Medic / Infirmary - The room on each map where health is regained unless a player of the medic class is named
  • In-cell command - A command that are given while reds are still in their cells and have not exited; See In-cell commands in general gameplay mechanics
  • 'Here' waypoint - a waypoint that the warden can place on your screen
  • Stacking - where you occupy the same space as another player
  • (Bomb)rushing, go to - going a location in the most reasonable quickest and shortest way (generally direct path, running)
General gameplay rules
Things that apply to the gamemode overall in addition to the team specific rules.
  • No talking over Warden - Interrupting or otherwise rendering gameplay impossible
  • Medical Pyros - Pyros who have stolen a medigun are always allowed to heal
  • No griefing - In addition to general griefing rules, Jailbreak defines the following as griefing:
    • Activating buttons for no reason or against Warden command (Blu only)
    • Declaring freedays (Blu only)
    • Keeping cells closed (Blu only)
    • Entering or opening secret passage ways unless it is to chase a rebel (Blu only)
    • Assisting a rebel (Blu only)
    • Interfering with a minigame (Blu only)
  • Ghosting - You may not reveal the locations or status of other players unless it meets the criteria as stated on the general server rules
  • Exploiting / Unintended manner - In addition to the general exploiting rules, Jailbreak defines the following as exploiting:
    • playing a minigame in an unintended manner (such as walking to the finish line without completing the actual game)
    • surviving a minigame where you should not have (such as clipping in 9 squares)
  • Red item restrictions - Red players may have any melee weapon, food, buff items (Concheror/Buff banner) sappers, and the jetpack out at any time. The use of any of these items (except the Jetpack if rushing according to orders) can mark a prisoner as a rebel. During a minigame (such as VS Sentry), the action of sapping and the use of the jetpack may be restricted by the Warden. Obviously, having something like a gun out would mark a red as a rebel.
  • Renaming - This was causing more issues than it brought value in gameplay, so it is not allowed.
  • Only warden commands are valid - Commands not given by the Warden may be safely ignored. Killing based on non-warden commands are considered freekilling.
  • In-cell commands - Valid in-cell commands examples are "Freeze on your bed", "Stay at the far back of your cells".
  • "45 second rule" - A command to exit the cells must be given withing 45 seconds of the round starting or it becomes a freeday.
  • Sprays cannot be used for any gameplay purposes (because they may be disabled by the player)
  • Communication restriction - No team shall be restricted from using voice or text chat for the purpose of the gameplay provided they are not breaking the other rules such as talking over warden, spamming, etc
  • Purposely breaking map minigames - includes but not limited to shooting boxes out of the box game area, bringing the soccer ball out of the soccer area
Prisoner / Red Team
  • Actively rebel - If rebelling, you are to actively rebel without delaying the round needlessly. You may wait for better opportunities but do not hide for an extended amount of time.
  • Only the Blu team should be giving commands. Reds should not actively trying to mislead players.
Guard / Blu Team
  • No freekilling or freehitting - Weapons that do area of effect damage like explosives damaging innocent reds is considered freehitting or freekilling.
  • Audible microphone - You must have functional microphone to join the blu team.
  • Speak comprehensibly - You must speak in a manner that is easily understandable and without excessive background noise.
  • English language - Being primarily an english server, you must be giving your commands in english. Red players are allowed to ignore any commands not given in english.
  • Going warden - You must be willing to become the Warden should the need arise. Stay on the red team if you do not wish to become the warden.
  • No declaring freedays
  • No denying of LR - All blus are to participate in the last request.
  • Explanation of modified non-map minigames - If you choose not to follow the standard rules outlined for non-map minigames outlined in non-map minigames, or play a custom non-map game, you must clearly explain how it is played and should be 'fair'.
  • No favoritism - You are not to favor one red over another. For example, you cannot give two reds different commands or aid them in rebelling. An exception is sending a red into the infirmary in the event of a freehit.
  • No modifying of map minigames - You cannot modify games that exist as part of the map to avoid people making games impossible or unfair.
  • Wandering - Leaving the general area where gameplay is taking place. You are not to wander unless it is to chase a rebel
  • No inaccessible areas - There are a number of areas that can be only accessed as a member of the blu team. You are not to hide in there unless it is hunger games. In addition, delaying rounds needlessly against the general server rules.
  • Minigame frequency - A minigame can only be played once per round. Hunger games can only be played once every 3 rounds.
  • Reasonable time limits / time to comply - Red have around 3 seconds to start complying with an order. Time limits set by Warden for reds must be reasonable to what the RED's are doing, they may not be ridiculously long or short.
  • No misleading commands - Only the Warden should be giving commands. Other blues are not to mislead reds by false commands or other means.
  • No invalid commands - Refer to Invalid command section
Gameplay mechanics
General explanation of some things you may encounter during gameplay
  • Armory lock
    At the start of the round, a 30 second countdown will start to lock the armory doors. In the event that a red breaks into it, a delayed alarm (15s for Spy and Engineer, 10s for all others) will sound. Once this alarm sounds, the entire server is alerted to it and the armory is unlocked for blues to enter.
  • Last request - LR must be done in the same round. Red may freely modify their LR before it begins. The LR can be any minigame or custom activity explained by the last Red. Singing is a valid LR but blue may refuse and Red is to choose another one. If the Red is to rebel at anytime during the LR stage, they are marked as a rebel. Baiting does not apply during LR. Should an LR involve the respawn of another RED, if any REDs are to rebel, all remaining REDs are KoS. If the stated LR can be repeated, the BLUs must repeat until all are dead.
  • Double last request - Same as LR but with 2 reds sharing the same LR. Warden, and the 2 remaining reds must agree to begin. If either of the reds rebel, both are marked as rebel.
  • 'Here' waypoint - Explicit command must be given to the REDs for them to go to the set waypoints.
Invalid Last Requests / LRs
While players have the freedom to explain a custom activity for their LR, the following LRs are not allowed:
  • Directly kill the remaining Blu players / Hit Blu players whenever; Set up your rules to fight against the Blus instead or play a minigame
  • Freeday for the remainder of the round
Additional note
  • Admin command involvement in last requests
    • Admins may decline for any reason
    • "Admin abuse" requests are not allowed
    • No server-wide changes (such as a map change)
  • LR duration
    • Last requests should not be delaying the round needlessly. Remember that Jailbreak rules apply in addition to the standard server ruleset.
Map game rules
Some map games have specific rules tied to them. These may not be overridden by the Warden.
  • Trivia / Jeopardy
    Questions asked must be
    • Common knowledge or TF2 related
      • exceptions: patch notes, changes of stats, other names of the updates, name of skins/war paints
    • Non-opinionated
  • True or False
    Questions asked must be
    • Common knowledge or TF2 related
      • exceptions: patch notes, changes of stats, other names of the updates, name of skins/war paints
    • Non-opinionated
Non-map game rules
The following games have default rules as outlined below and thus Warden is not required to explain thsese rules if they are not changed. These can be changed by the Warden, however if they are not explained, the minigames will follow these rules:
  • A minigame that is not tied to a game (such as Red vs. Red (aka Arena)) should be played in the most reasonable location such as a knife pit, designated arena or reasonably sized space.
  • First Reaction/Last Reaction (FRLR)
    First Reaction - First person to do the action is KoS
    Last Reaction - Last person to do the action is KoS
    May only be played when there are 3 or less reds*
  • Trivia/Jeopardy & True and False
    Getting a question correct will allow the RED to kill either one of his/her teammates or themselves
    Getting a question incorrect will result in the RED being KoS and can not be pardoned
  • Simon Says
    If "Simon says" is not said before a command, then it is invalid and RED's are not to follow it, if they do they are KoS.
    "Simon says" can be changed to anything by the Warden as long as it is appropriate
  • Hunger Games (requires Admin presence; up to admin discretion)
    Free-for-all between the REDs until last one standing or stopped
    Admins can deny HG*
* cannot be changed by Warden

Banned games
Blu team cannot make the red team play the following games. These may be played as part of a red's last request at their own risk.
  • Crush Game (Hop) - Broken
  • Russian Roulette - Broken
  • (Casuarina) Shock, Drop, and Roll - Extremely difficult, very hard to leave once started.
  • "Hunter” games - Game where the blu team seek out to kill red. Toxic on Chretien is allowed.
  • (Albany) Assassins Creed - Gravity glitch.
  • Cell Wars
  • (Jailfort) Steady Pace - Generally glitchy
  • (Casuarina) Jumprope - Very hard to leave once started
Common commands clarification
  • Out of cell, rebel - If you go outside your cell, you are a rebel
  • Shoulder-to-shoulder (with the largest biggest group) - Be beside someone else close enough that someone cannot fit in between you two (with the group with majority)
  • Medics, no healing - red medic cannot heal other players
  • Go to X minigame - Implies RED side door
  • Go to yellow line - Implies yellow line directly infront/besides cells. Also applies to any other colored lines that may be present
  • Go to every even /odd waypoint, Go to every waypoint except X waypoints - Count starts after the command is given
Invalid Commands
This is different from "banned games" in that these aren't necessarily games, but commands that can be safely ignored by the Red team if given out by the Blu team. This list is non-exhaustive but the following have been encountered and have been deemed invalid for the gameplay:
  • Telling people to type in their game console
  • Telling people to "kill themselves" by jumping into death pits, lava, blenders, etc
This section outlines what happens given a certain scenario

Events that lead to a freeday
  • First round after a map change
  • Cell doors are opened with no valid Warden commands
  • The "45 second rule" not being followed
Warden is killed or disconnects
  • An automatic AFK freeze command is issued
  • If a warden is appointed within 15 seconds:
    • The AFK freeze command continues until new command is given
  • If a warden is not appointed within 15 seconds:
    • A freeday begins
Last non-rebel red is to receive last request however there are still rebel reds alive
  • All rebels are to be found and killed before last request can be given
Last non-rebel red in a minigame
  • The prisoner should be let out with as little risk of death as possible but must complete the minigame. The prisoner can only be teleported out if the minigame has a 100% death rate such as the "Sacrifice Door".
    In the absence of a staff member to teleport the remaining RED, members of the BLU team must attempt to reach the end of the course to sacrifice themselves. The baiting rule continues to apply here.
Bans will be extended to other platforms (such as Discord).
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