1. H

    FF2 Boss/Map Suggestions

    I don't really know how to format this, so I'll leave a list of the items and what they are. I've play tested these maps, and there were some other ones I wish I could've included if it weren't for their awful optimization and/or layouts. Maps: vsh_portside - Is a big and open map and is a good...
  2. H

    FF2 Revert/Removal Suggestion

    A lot of other players and I have been complaining in unison about the latest changes and map additions. Please remove the following: vsh_foreststation - The train that passes by is way too quiet for anyone to hear. vsh_turtleshell - The map is very performance heavy, and has caused the server...
  3. antaresbuck

    Confession Thread

    let's play confession i'll start i kinda like vsh_military_arena_b1 ngl your turn
  4. Bone


    In this Freak Fortress themed Freak Fortress map, you play as "John Space-Marine Freak Containment Foundation Freak Handler" The map takes place in a Freak Containment Facility where various FF2 Freaks are... contained... One's attempting to break out, and they're getting a bit feisty, so feel...
  5. Painis Cupcake

    TF2 Some Suggestions

    A year hiatus and I'm back. Much more mature than my previous self. I would call myself Elucidate cause that's what I call myself on steam now but I can't seem to change the username. A couple ideas to improve Freak Fortress 2: 1. Rework of Hale's Stun Duration. I've thought of this once. One...
  6. P

    About that FF2 plugin...

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone, preferably the FF2 server manager, could link me to the plugin that shows the Spy his watch status. If you're confused, watch this video and you'll see it above the damage counter.
  7. Minxy

    Shop System Additions

    As it is stated in the shop, they might be adding this. So today I decided to do a poll, to see if people want this or don't want this. Lets see what happens... Please cast your votes above...
  8. Dutyspryte

    Why was MeeM removed from the boss line-up?

    I was wondering about this. Was he too overpowered or something?