1. Painis Cupcake

    TF2 Some Suggestions

    A year hiatus and I'm back. Much more mature than my previous self. I would call myself Elucidate cause that's what I call myself on steam now but I can't seem to change the username. A couple ideas to improve Freak Fortress 2: 1. Rework of Hale's Stun Duration. I've thought of this once. One...
  2. Bone

    New Bone's FF2 Bosses

    So I finally finished learning how to rig/make FF2 bosses. This first one I'm posting is more of a proof of (somewhat) competence than anything, but I plan on making more and just updating this thread when I do, rather than making a new thread every single time. The first boss I've finished is...
  3. Malcolm Black

    New FF2 Boss Suggestion: Cowboygineer + Rabid Heavy Bear

    Hey guys! I have a suggestion for a dual-type boss. What is a dual-type boss? Well, it's basically two players play two bosses for the round instead of just one boss. But Malcolm! That sounds op! Having two bosses with 30k-40k HP?!? No, the two bosses would divide the total health that one...
  4. P

    About that FF2 plugin...

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone, preferably the FF2 server manager, could link me to the plugin that shows the Spy his watch status. If you're confused, watch this video and you'll see it above the damage counter.
  5. Minxy

    Shop System Additions

    As it is stated in the shop, they might be adding this. So today I decided to do a poll, to see if people want this or don't want this. Lets see what happens... Please cast your votes above...
  6. Lord Homicide

    Closed FF2: Pyronus Balance Adjustment and Boss Suggestions

    So I played Pyronus today, and I noticed it was actually kind of pitifully weak in comparison to the rest of the Hales. That being said, as the one who created it, I'd like to bring up a balance change idea that would help it retain its burning-targets gimmick. Because his melee damage is so...
  7. L1nk

    Closed Health bug

    This bug only happened once, but it might happen again. I was playing Christian brutal sniper as hale before this (if it is important) and the bug fixed itself after this one round. This glitch caused me, as a spy, to loose hp at the same rate as i regenerated, but the hp loss dint go up to...
  8. Yunkster

    Closed [FF2] Remove vsh_summercamp_sg_3_20

    The map has SG in its name so I hope I don't insult whoever made it. I don't know how this map has been in rotation for so long. It's horrifically red-sided and the map itself is an abdomination. The entire map was created without touching the brush tool more than once and reeks heavily of "muh...
  9. L1nk

    Closed Possible Sergeant Painis Buff

    So most of us know how under powered sergeant painis really is, and some of us think he needs a buff. Since the idea of a life stunning the whole server is out of the question, why don't we just add a good reload ability!!! The reload ability could be speed with airblast immunity and a drain of...
  10. Lemmiwinks

    Closed Gunboat rocket jump dmg resistance decreased.

    I haven't played FF in a while and when I tried out soldier with stock and gunboats, I found it extremely easy to evade the boss by rocket jumping, which I would say I am above average at. I think that when you rocket jump as soldier with all the dispensers and health regen, taking a little more...
  11. Dutyspryte

    Why was MeeM removed from the boss line-up?

    I was wondering about this. Was he too overpowered or something?