freak fortress 2

  1. Flametosser

    Freak Fortress 2 Guide (Boss list, Weapon Stats and More)

    This is a copy paste of the Steam guide I made for the FF2 server. You can also view it here. For now, I'll only be including the plugin commands, Boss list and Weapon stats. I'll add the other stuff (like tips) later, since I'm in the middle of making changes to the guide. Expect updates to...
  2. Dayornight

    Add vsh_shipment

    First map I made that's not a rework of an existing map, but on the other hand it's a recreation of the "Shipment" map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I thought it would work well in Saxton Hale. Small, action packed map with some verticality thrown in there! As always, I'll try to keep it...
  3. Bone


    In this Freak Fortress themed Freak Fortress map, you play as "John Space-Marine Freak Containment Foundation Freak Handler" The map takes place in a Freak Containment Facility where various FF2 Freaks are... contained... One's attempting to break out, and they're getting a bit feisty, so feel...