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  1. Gearhop


    hi this is real gear hop. Please write my name with a lot of space between the word gearhop I used to be admin for like 4 years and had a mini game in jb named after me and i think still have a green name in the discord server but I can't check cuz I'm actually not back yet Yes I am flexing...
  2. Gearhop

    Dream Loadout

    For 7 months SG was shrouded in darkness. For 7 months the man the myth the legend hasn't been seen. For 7 months Gearhop hasn't posted a thread 7 months ago (give or take) Gear posted a thread, it was the first thread, and thought to be his last. But now the wait is over... it's time for...
  3. Gearhop

    Favorite SG Moment

    "Wait wait wait wait, is Gearhop making a thread?! That- that's not how logic does a do..." Shush shush inferior life form, the forums have been pretty quiet lately, so I've decided to take matters into my own hands, and post a... SICK COOL NEW THREAD SO, I've done a lot research and found that...