inferno update

  1. Fluquor

    Day 4 Is Out!

    Alright, this is going to take a while to write, but here is your TLDR of Day 4 Updates! I'll be doing this based on class, so bear scroll to what you want to see. SCOUT- Sandman- No longer stuns, but slows, max range balls deal 50% inc damage from 15, distance travel required to trigger full...
  2. Fluquor

    Day 3 Thoughts

    +Here are some of my quick thoughts about each weapon/taunt to be released: Thermal Thruster- Wow.. so there actually is a jetpack for the pyro now, it says "Fires a short-duration blast", I guess this is like a rocket jump now for pyro? I hope it's at a reasonable speed. Otherwise I'm just...
  3. Fluquor

    Thoughts on Inferno Update?

    I watched & read through the update and it seems pretty good overall... although I do have some concern with how the potential jetpack for the pryo would play out. My argument is going to sound biased because I particularly don't like pyro as a class, but I just feel like it wouldn't work out...