1. Katz


    Ever since my last favorite tf2 community died I've been looking for a replacement. Suffice to say I found it. Looking forward to sticking around and hanging out, lads.
  2. []Coal


    I've played on the jailbreak servers for quite a while, so I thought I'd just make an account here. I'd also kinda like to know what happened to the other JB server.
  3. Kiwifruit

    KiwifruitDev from orange!

    I've been playing on orange for quite a bit recently and wanted to stop by and say hi! Not sure if many people on the forums here play orange but if you've seen me (Steam) and my spray: Here I am ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Made some memories on orange so far, hope to continue playing on SG servers! I'm in the...
  4. Connor

    my name is

    hi im connor i dont know what to say so hi.
  5. Zinc

    Posting for Posts

    Hi, I'm zinc, also go by @Sknapdragon, plays FF2 Occasionally. Likes to make suggestions.
  6. Doctor Kleiner

    Im an idiot.

    Hey, I'm an idiot who plays jailbreak because I'm bored If you play jailbreak frequently, you probably would've seen me once. But anyways i suck at hearing, and sometimes zone out and my voice sucks so, yeah basically I suck at guards and prisoners. That's really it. I truly do suck.
  7. PastillePasta


    My name is PastillePasta, I am a "new" member, though I've been playing for about 6-12 months now. Yes, I have read the rules (around ten-twenty times now) so I won't be killing anyone wrongfully. I am working on a map too, which you can see in the maps forum. I will most likely end up hacking...
  8. Gearthicc


    Hi my name's Gearthicc, (not Gearhicc if I'm still named that when this thread comes out.) I've been hanging out on the discord for a while, despite not playing tf2 ever lol, but hey you cant be mad at me if @Tash has only played 80 hours ;P, but I really like what I've seen from the community...
  9. P

    Hello, Hi, Sup, Wassup, Suppy, Hy? ~~ pingu

    Welcome, to nothing basically. I'm a Pyro main working for the man that owns the "Reds" since they are obviously superior, from 2014. Also i also play the only black man in Team Fortress 2 the "Demo man" I'm usually called a Salty Phish, which is O.K. since i mean that isn't wrong with most...
  10. PapaMurphy

    Yo my guys it's me

    Hey guys it's your boi Lemon here, It says "PapaMurphy" only because i made this account a couple years back or something when I had that name on SG. I have played for a long time but never really gotten into the forums. I am from the USA and I'm not going to say what state so the Empress can't...
  11. Puppeteer

    I haven't made a proper introduction yet :^)

    Howdy there, people of second generation! My name's Puppeteer, you can call me by whatever you please though. "tiny ash" - denied Anyways, I wanted to say Hi! I joined the forums not to long ago so yeah. I'm usually seen on 32/20 slot Jailbreak and the discord. So if you want to talk to me...
  12. Snuggly Pyro

    Wassup! My dudes

    I've been a part of this server for about a year and a half now and really never got around to making an account because I just play the server to enjoy myself. But I thought I might as well make an account to see whats going on :p
  13. Ivy


  14. T

    Um dis is me first post

  15. Harley the Hooded

    Hi There

    Hi everyone, my name is Harley and I'm new to tf2, some friends showed it to me a while back and I started playing it recently. While exploring the community servers, I came across SG-Gaming and I started playing on it. After a while I started seeing people type /forums and Gearhop said he uses...
  16. MewTwo/Mitsu

    Hello hello

    Hey everyone, my in game name is MewTwo{nGnL} currently; older members might possibly remember me as Mitsu. Never really logged in here since rules could be read without an account. I thought this would be a great way to get to know people and be up to date with several updates. I'm usually play...
  17. Crassus

    Howdy Folks

    You may know me from jailbreak and or rarely hale mode, but this is my formal hello. Hi.