1. JackXD

    Remove Jb maps

    Remove jb_crossroads, jb_episolon, jb_maxsec,, jb_simple, jb_minecraftdaylight , jb_complex and jb_casurarina add any suggestion to replace the maps.
  2. screechy

    [New Map] jb_site_epsilon_final

    I'm just gonna post the GameBanana link here. https://gamebanana.com/maps/213704
  3. Bray

    Jailbreak Rule Additions

    Hello! This is a suggestions thread for a few jailbreak rules that I've seen that might need some tweaking as well as a few new ones for clarity purposes. Under General gameplay rules: +Taunting: Reds may always do AFK taunts when AFK, and may "taunt-walk" (using movement taunts to...
  4. Spicee

    jb_highcharity (W.I.P.)

    Hello, although i'm still fairly new to the hammer editor, I plan to make a JB map. It will be called jb_highcharity, i'm sure some of you will recognize the name if you have ever played halo 2 (Image below for color scheme and overall look). I plan to add as many mini games as I can, any tips...
  5. Lugi

    Maps! Maps!! Maps!!!

    Don't we just love the maps on Jailbreak? Of course, some more than others (I'm looking at you, Hop and Casuarina. Yes, that includes you, Jailfort.) Which maps are your favorites, and which ones are straight garbage heaps to you?
  6. Spicee

    [Jailbreak] Shortstop

    Please Note, the shortstop isn't OP, its just annoying. People only use it on blu to grief and be annoying. Literally the other day I saw someone get pushed out of a stack only to get killed. I fully believe it should be removed from blu. I know that some of you will disagree. Anyways theirs my...
  7. screechy

    [Jailbreak] What would you like to see changed in jb_crossroads?

    What would you like to see in jb_crossroads that was bad in the older version? Not stuff like adding new minigames (of which there are twenty, now), more like "[minigame] sucks because [reason]." I'd like to have this map as good as possible so Yuki will hopefully take a second look at it and...
  8. Klub

    Remove JB Volcano

    Many rounds start the same, people asking to do the secret. The secret (for anyone who doesn't know) is just where you have to hit a few gold bars. The secret then causes lava to rise. You can find a code that changes every round, the code opens a door that leads to a room where you need to go...
  9. screechy

    [New Map] jb_crossroads_final_fix

    My second jailbreak map, this time inspired by the aesthetic of classic ROBLOX from the 2006-2010 era. This map is a tad small for now, but I plan on adding new areas and fun secrets as I go along. I have removed the mega-secret due to suggestions and the fact that it would be too easy to abuse...
  10. Klub

    jail_minecraft_dynf_v10d should be removed.

    There are 2 Minecraft maps. Both really similar just that one is upgraded. I find it really annoying when you do one and then the other on comes on next. With a varied map set, we shouldnt be playing the same Minecraft map twice, but one is worse. Thanks for listening to me talk about this...
  11. screechy

    [NEW MAP] jb_florida_v1

    Hey guys! After almost a month of straight work I was finally able to finish my new jailbreak map. Don't worry, its not meme hell or anything, just some references to Florida and what not. Minigames: Obby Fall Game Crush Game Nine-Square Jeopardy Plinko Dodgeball Soccer Diner Guy's Grocery...
  12. screechy

    Making a new themed map

    I'm planning on calling it jb_florida and making fun of Florida stereotypes and such. Don't worry, I already have GatorLand as one of the areas (idea for now) that you can visit if you escape (or for minigames) as well as a Publix (similar to HopJb's burger king). Do you guys have any ideas that...
  13. Denied


    Jb_simple is turning 2 in august, by then I will be releasing a map in the same style as simple. The original simple utilized dev textures with the unit count in the top left corner removed, this map will be sing entirely custom textures that utilize the same style in a different way. The goal...
  14. TigersFan


    Hey! I am back now! Hi, it is me, TigersFan. Yes, I do know I haven't posted in like forever (3-4 months after school started), and yes I do understand most of you probably don't actually care of my return. I think some people were kind of shocked to see me return to JB after a 2 month "fast"...
  15. OkayVevo

    lol how do I apply for jailbreak admin

    I wanted to know how to apply for jb admin lol
  16. Okami


    i was in the server with ben after the update of tf2 and i got banned for 0 reasons
  17. Okami

    [JailBreak] Glitch in fdfd

    When you are inside a kart on karts race of jailfort you dont die when the time of first day freeday is over and (just saying) change the time of first day freeday to 3 minutes please.
  18. killerbeexd2

    Jailbreak Art Everybody share ur drawing here

    U can share also ur Jb art but please no *Sexual Content* Mine Lol
  19. Ivy

    [Jailbreak] What Minigames do you want to see?

    If you're somewhat active on the discord, you may know i'm currently working on a jailbreak map. again So, I want your minigame suggestions! If there's game you would want to see in a jailbreak map, ill take it into consideration, and if I end up adding your minigame into my map, you'll get...
  20. Denied

    Honest guide to becoming a jb admin

    I'd say I'm a pretty controversial person when it comes to sg, I get into a lot of disagreements with other admins and I don't particularly like sg as a whole. However I did become an admin, which is more than enough experience necessary to sound like I know what I'm talking about. This guide...