jailbreak map suggestion

  1. JackXD

    Remove Jb maps

    Remove jb_crossroads, jb_episolon, jb_maxsec,, jb_simple, jb_minecraftdaylight , jb_complex and jb_casurarina add any suggestion to replace the maps.
  2. C

    bring back jb_district_a4 :(

    hey everybody, i think some people could agree bringing back jb_district_a4 would be very epic, and it would bring back old memories ;) i attached a poll to get opinions on bringing it back :D WEB LINK FOR JB_DISTRICT_A4 : https://gamebanana.com/maps/201344
  3. PastillePasta

    jb_area51_v1 is coming along nicely (Update #2, map layout and mini-game line-up shown)

    I finished the cells, speedrun, armory, a couple secrets, and I'm currently working on a second floor/obby. Could ya'll give me some tips on what to fix? Update #1: K, so I finished jeopardy and re-textured the cells (thank you ivy and zero1763) I'll most likely stop all work on mini-games and...