jailbreak minigame

  1. Okami

    [JailBreak] Glitch in fdfd

    When you are inside a kart on karts race of jailfort you dont die when the time of first day freeday is over and (just saying) change the time of first day freeday to 3 minutes please.
  2. Nyx


    LR starts when the warden says "What is your LR?" or "Please state your LR by..." correct? Melody Sheep was trying to say that LR starts when he says his LR, and was going round hitting people because they were "baiting."
  3. C

    Tips for being a goodigneer (good engineer)

    SO YOU WANNA BE A GOOD ENGINEER EY? There's a couple of things ya gotta do if you wanna do a good do. I'm gonna present to you some cool tricks and tips for you to learn that I totally came up with on my own. Keep in mind that the engineer is the most useless class on jailbreak servers. YOU...
  4. DivineNigerian

    ba_hopjb_v8 errors and crashing

    the map "ba_hopjb_v8" is a great map, but... the map makes people crash. There are so many broken sound files in the map folder, that it makes the game crash for a lot of people (including me). If someone knows how to map and or how to fix this problem, please do. Ya boi Big Daddy
  5. S

    I have a complaint about an Admin....

    "Big Daddy Lumara" is a hypocrite piece of crap! Here's why: I'm currently playing on one of your multiple Jailbreak servers right now and a player named "beast" is freekilling constantly! It started when a player named 'ash' joined and started to freekill. Out of nature, RED (what was left of...
  6. JamesDragon7777

    Jailbreak After dark

    At around 8 pm eastern time jailbreak kinda goes to shit a lot of freekillers and people who don't know the rules join and act like there the shit. Then do whatever they want, now I know what you're think "just call an admin" well from personal experience most admins I know are asleep and no...
  7. A

    Admin Abuse On JAILBREAK Server

    I am articbirdman, I am a younger person who plays on the server which of course, comes with some "bullies" who will make fun of you and sometimes freekill you or do things to you when admins aren't on. Ok now to why im making this post. Recently I was playing on the server and I was warden...
  8. Porkchopsrock12

    Cave Johnson

    Aye anyone else remember Cave Johnson from jailbreak from like 2013? What ever happened to him? Didn't he delete steam or something?