jb suggestion

  1. pyrrhicevolution

    Establishing Unfair Drip Check as an invalid LR (a suggestion to refine LR rules)

    Despite the general discord between players on SG jailbreak rules, I think a significant portion believes the rules regarding invalid LRs are inconsistent. According to the SG JB rules, you cannot request an LR to directly kill blus. However, unfair drip check is allowed despite being a...
  2. wizard_guy

    a "call a hit" mechanic in JB

    yo whatsup everyone, it's your friendly neighborhood wizard here, since everyone is always paying people to kill someone for credits a great way to simplify this issue would be to make a "hitman" mechanic! here how it would work: 1) under the store option there could be an option to "call a...
  3. PotatoPete

    [Jailbreak] Idea for 2 vote options

    Hello, I have an idea for 2 vote options. 1 is a warden only vote like !wvote, and other is a !votemenu available to all players. The first vote option would be an friendly fire vote, this vote option would only be available in the !wmenu at the bottom so no accidental clicks of the vote would...