1. screechy

    [New Map] jb_site_epsilon_final

    I'm just gonna post the GameBanana link here.
  2. Dayornight

    Add vsh_shipment

    First map I made that's not a rework of an existing map, but on the other hand it's a recreation of the "Shipment" map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I thought it would work well in Saxton Hale. Small, action packed map with some verticality thrown in there! As always, I'll try to keep it...
  3. screechy

    [New Map] jb_crossroads_final_fix

    My second jailbreak map, this time inspired by the aesthetic of classic ROBLOX from the 2006-2010 era. This map is a tad small for now, but I plan on adding new areas and fun secrets as I go along. I have removed the mega-secret due to suggestions and the fact that it would be too easy to abuse...
  4. screechy

    Making a new themed map

    I'm planning on calling it jb_florida and making fun of Florida stereotypes and such. Don't worry, I already have GatorLand as one of the areas (idea for now) that you can visit if you escape (or for minigames) as well as a Publix (similar to HopJb's burger king). Do you guys have any ideas that...
  5. Denied


    Remember jb_zero? Better question, do you remember jb_bricks? both were made by me a long time ago, and they're never being worked on again. Instead I'll be working on this map. jb_simple is a map made to be as basic as possible, yet still somewhat fun to play on. I'm aiming for balance, and...