1. Lugi

    Maps! Maps!! Maps!!!

    Don't we just love the maps on Jailbreak? Of course, some more than others (I'm looking at you, Hop and Casuarina. Yes, that includes you, Jailfort.) Which maps are your favorites, and which ones are straight garbage heaps to you?
  2. screechy

    [NEW MAP] jb_florida_v1

    Hey guys! After almost a month of straight work I was finally able to finish my new jailbreak map. Don't worry, its not meme hell or anything, just some references to Florida and what not. Minigames: Obby Fall Game Crush Game Nine-Square Jeopardy Plinko Dodgeball Soccer Diner Guy's Grocery...
  3. Ivy


    This is jb_snowdrift. It's set somewhere in uh, Canada. I've been working on this for about a month, and I think it's finally ready to show off to the forums. As my first jailbreak map, I think it's good so far. The current game list is: Tower (custom), Jeopardy, Deathrun, Fall Game, Crush...
  4. Piceous

    A "Vanilla" Map server

    Hey, guys, I was considering buying a new server for us, that would run mainly vanilla and GOOD custom maps of competitive game modes (PLR, PL, KOTH, CTF) that would play like actual matches. Would any of you use it, or would you stick with your casual matchmaking? Let me know! I'm very serious.