new jailbreak map

  1. PastillePasta

    jb_area51_v1 is coming along nicely (Update #2, map layout and mini-game line-up shown)

    I finished the cells, speedrun, armory, a couple secrets, and I'm currently working on a second floor/obby. Could ya'll give me some tips on what to fix? Update #1: K, so I finished jeopardy and re-textured the cells (thank you ivy and zero1763) I'll most likely stop all work on mini-games and...
  2. screechy

    [NEW MAP] jb_florida_v1

    Hey guys! After almost a month of straight work I was finally able to finish my new jailbreak map. Don't worry, its not meme hell or anything, just some references to Florida and what not. Minigames: Obby Fall Game Crush Game Nine-Square Jeopardy Plinko Dodgeball Soccer Diner Guy's Grocery...
  3. screechy

    Making a new themed map

    I'm planning on calling it jb_florida and making fun of Florida stereotypes and such. Don't worry, I already have GatorLand as one of the areas (idea for now) that you can visit if you escape (or for minigames) as well as a Publix (similar to HopJb's burger king). Do you guys have any ideas that...
  4. Harry Potter (Jailbreak)

    My Jailbreak Map - What should I add to it?

    Hello there! My name is Harry Potter, no I am not a wizard in real life, but when it comes to Hammer I am a map making wizard! With that said though, being good at map making itself does not mean I'm very good at creating jailbreak maps. And I want to include the community as much as I can...