new map

  1. screechy

    [New Map] jb_site_epsilon_final

    I'm just gonna post the GameBanana link here.
  2. screechy

    [New Map] jb_crossroads_final_fix

    My second jailbreak map, this time inspired by the aesthetic of classic ROBLOX from the 2006-2010 era. This map is a tad small for now, but I plan on adding new areas and fun secrets as I go along. I have removed the mega-secret due to suggestions and the fact that it would be too easy to abuse...
  3. screechy

    [NEW MAP] jb_florida_v1

    Hey guys! After almost a month of straight work I was finally able to finish my new jailbreak map. Don't worry, its not meme hell or anything, just some references to Florida and what not. Minigames: Obby Fall Game Crush Game Nine-Square Jeopardy Plinko Dodgeball Soccer Diner Guy's Grocery...