1. DemonicRyan

    Howdy, I am new to SG website. But I do play SG servera quite often

    Hey everyone, I don't really know what to say, so I'll be brief. I love SG and the servers. I'm a big fan of jailbreak. I do like Tf2 the vanilla game. And I really hope I can get to know the fellow community better by getting involved. Thanks in advance... :)
  2. Minxy

    Shop System Additions

    As it is stated in the shop, they might be adding this. So today I decided to do a poll, to see if people want this or don't want this. Lets see what happens... Please cast your votes above...
  3. nathan

    Lindy262 the f2p

    a random giibus pyro come up to us all and well you guessed he freehits/kills almost all of us
  4. nathan

    A racist freekiller I randomly keep getting freehit by this guy and well just look at his name
  5. Piceous

    A "Vanilla" Map server

    Hey, guys, I was considering buying a new server for us, that would run mainly vanilla and GOOD custom maps of competitive game modes (PLR, PL, KOTH, CTF) that would play like actual matches. Would any of you use it, or would you stick with your casual matchmaking? Let me know! I'm very serious.