1. Kiwifruit

    About that game I'm making

    Hello once again SG community, Last time I played orange I had some players asking me about what I do as a "dev" (notice the "dev" in my name) and that got me thinking, why am I a dev? Well as a developer I've been programming in C#, C++, Lua, Javascript, Java, and Skript. I've never done...
  2. Kiwifruit

    KiwifruitDev from orange!

    I've been playing on orange for quite a bit recently and wanted to stop by and say hi! Not sure if many people on the forums here play orange but if you've seen me (Steam) and my spray: Here I am ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Made some memories on orange so far, hope to continue playing on SG servers! I'm in the...
  3. Ivy

    [Suggestion] [All/Orange] !Report Command

    Hello! I would like to suggest a !report command that leads players directly to the report section of the forums. This stems from getting on orange today while there was an aimbotter on. People had recorded demos, but didn't know how to report them or where to report them, and complained that a...