1. pyrrhicevolution

    Establishing Unfair Drip Check as an invalid LR (a suggestion to refine LR rules)

    Despite the general discord between players on SG jailbreak rules, I think a significant portion believes the rules regarding invalid LRs are inconsistent. According to the SG JB rules, you cannot request an LR to directly kill blus. However, unfair drip check is allowed despite being a...
  2. H

    FF2 Boss/Map Suggestions

    I don't really know how to format this, so I'll leave a list of the items and what they are. I've play tested these maps, and there were some other ones I wish I could've included if it weren't for their awful optimization and/or layouts. Maps: vsh_portside - Is a big and open map and is a good...
  3. H

    FF2 Revert/Removal Suggestion

    A lot of other players and I have been complaining in unison about the latest changes and map additions. Please remove the following: vsh_foreststation - The train that passes by is way too quiet for anyone to hear. vsh_turtleshell - The map is very performance heavy, and has caused the server...
  4. Dr. Dictator

    What should I do for a 69 (or maybe just 100) subscriber special?

    Send suggestions, would love to consider any real ones made. Possibly a giveaway, maybe a longer video (or 3 separate videos) that could be of the 3 main sg servers (jb, orange and ff2), a video of playing with some peeps from sg in a voice call, etc. Just throw out anything you can think of...