1. Klub

    Remove JB Volcano

    Many rounds start the same, people asking to do the secret. The secret (for anyone who doesn't know) is just where you have to hit a few gold bars. The secret then causes lava to rise. You can find a code that changes every round, the code opens a door that leads to a room where you need to go...
  2. antaresbuck

    Confession Thread

    let's play confession i'll start i kinda like vsh_military_arena_b1 ngl your turn
  3. screechy

    Making a new themed map

    I'm planning on calling it jb_florida and making fun of Florida stereotypes and such. Don't worry, I already have GatorLand as one of the areas (idea for now) that you can visit if you escape (or for minigames) as well as a Publix (similar to HopJb's burger king). Do you guys have any ideas that...
  4. Okami

    how do i apply for jb admin/mod

  5. TigersFan


    Hey! I am back now! Hi, it is me, TigersFan. Yes, I do know I haven't posted in like forever (3-4 months after school started), and yes I do understand most of you probably don't actually care of my return. I think some people were kind of shocked to see me return to JB after a 2 month "fast"...
  6. Painis Cupcake

    TF2 Some Suggestions

    A year hiatus and I'm back. Much more mature than my previous self. I would call myself Elucidate cause that's what I call myself on steam now but I can't seem to change the username. A couple ideas to improve Freak Fortress 2: 1. Rework of Hale's Stun Duration. I've thought of this once. One...
  7. Dfox

    Gonna miss you goddamn bastards

    I've played 3195 hours of TF2, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't regret some of those. A lot of those. But, I'd also be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy a whole lot of them too. I was planning on tagging a whole bunch of names and shit like that, but that whole thing is so overdone I...
  8. LePenguino

    Do you think unusuals are a scam?

    A lot of people have been saying it, but in my opinion, if you have fun unboxing things, it’s fine.
  9. Ben

    Spectral Spectrum Beep Man

    Hey guys I am selling my spectral spectrum beep man for 25 keys pure so add me on steam if you're interested :D
  10. JoeLife26

    What Was Your Favorite TF2 Update?

    *DISCLAIMER* Not all TF2 updates are listed here these are the biggest updates in TF2 History if your favorite update isn't here then vote for your second most favorite thank you very much and have a nice day!
  11. C

    Tips for being a goodigneer (good engineer)

    SO YOU WANNA BE A GOOD ENGINEER EY? There's a couple of things ya gotta do if you wanna do a good do. I'm gonna present to you some cool tricks and tips for you to learn that I totally came up with on my own. Keep in mind that the engineer is the most useless class on jailbreak servers. YOU...
  12. JamesDragon7777

    Jailbreak After dark

    At around 8 pm eastern time jailbreak kinda goes to shit a lot of freekillers and people who don't know the rules join and act like there the shit. Then do whatever they want, now I know what you're think "just call an admin" well from personal experience most admins I know are asleep and no...
  13. Porkchopsrock12

    Cave Johnson

    Aye anyone else remember Cave Johnson from jailbreak from like 2013? What ever happened to him? Didn't he delete steam or something?
  14. Porkchopsrock12

    "I'm back" - Misha

    Aye if you haven't noticed already my dudes i'm back and not a small child anymore
  15. G

    What is your personal favorite class?

    I thought it would be cool to see what is the most popular class in the SG community, so i made this poll to see what may it be. May the polling commence!!! side-note* (this is my first thread so it might be bad or have some typos, but i hope you enjoy :))
  16. JoeLife26

    What's The Hardest Class To Master?

    All classes take skills (Yes Even Heavy ....) each with their advantages and disadvantages so which class would be the hardest to master? I want to hear what you guys have to say any thoughts, reasons, etc. on why you chose that class?