1. Wickednick

    Wonderful wicked's Wagnificent Wemporiun

    Believe me it works I am but a humble man, buying not so humble items known only as l o w c r a f t s What is a lowcraft you may ask? Well before I laugh at your naivete, I will enlighten you, lowcrafts are the first 100 of an item crafted, and they display the number next to them. To...
  2. N

    FS/FT: The wicked Good Ninja Pack (Complete Spectral Spectrum Halloween Spelled Set for Scout)

    Hi all, I have a complete spelled set for the Scout that I'm looking to sell/trade. It is Spectral Spectrum, which is one of the high tier halloween color-changing spells. Colors change differently depending whether you are in Blu or Red team. Really clean and sweet looking IMO. I have attached...
  3. Kenny Omega

    Advice value

    How would a inexperienced trader value a price of something they have to sell or buy from someone so they dont get ripped off or sharked?