(#1 game) The lie game #1


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#1 game
The lie game #1 
The main target of the game is to figure out statement is a lie. You may either put the numbers in the color that they have on this or just put it like this

all lies DAMN LIES!111!!!!1!!11!11

Statements about me: 

1. I am bisexual

2. I don't believe in god and I am a liberal

3. I hate homosexuals

4. I am secretly racist

5. I secretly don't care for TF2

6. I hate TV

7. I am a freak about anime

8. I love to get more levels on Steam

Choose which ones are lies. 

Internet and TV stuff

1. Steam was created in 2002

2. Gaben is a god

3. Pimp my ride was canceled 2008

4.  Beavis and buttheads redo in the 21st century died quickly

Anime Stuff

1. Naruto shippuden is canceled

2. Bleach is canceled

3. Manga is a type of American comic book

4. Naruto killed sasuke

5. Kakashi has a mask under his mask

6. Kakashi was killed by Pain at one point

7. Psyren was NEVER made into an anime

8. In psyren's first manga, psyren made an appearance on top of a telephone booth

9. There was more gore and blood in the Naruto manga then the show

Have fun!
She don't got a camera so i'ma give her a Heyyyy.