A reintroduction of myself.

Genocider Syo

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Doing this because some people may or may not know who the fuck I am.

Howdy there! Names Genocider Syo, what does Genocider mean? Who the hell knows.

I go by BlackMoon on steam, AKA Genocide Sho, Genocider Syo, VirtueTemmia, etc, and have recently become active again in the orange and JB servers.

I joined back in November 6th, 2015, and played a lot. I'm pretty sure most of my hours on TF2 are on the JB server.
I can't exactly remember when, but I'm fairly certain I began becoming inactive around 2017, as my PC broke and I couldn't get a new computer. I also used to be an admin, but I obviously lost it as I couldn't really get on TF2 anymore. Some time after that, I got a laptop from my dad, an old one that isn't meant for gaming, but it still runs some games pretty okay.

I tried getting TF2 to work, and it did (sometimes), but the majority of the times it would just crash/crash my laptop. I kind of got tired of it so I just stopped playing TF2 all together, only playing during the Halloween events.

A week or two ago, I decided to give TF2 another go. I went from DirectX 9 to DirectX8, Changed all the settings to low, and now I'm able to play TF2 normally, some of the time. Although I still experience crashes, and it usually takes me a few attempts to actually get into the server and NOT crash, I've started becoming more active in the JB and Orange servers.

I hope to become an active member on the servers, the forums and the discord.
For now, this is who I am. I'm fairly certain a lot of people remember me but fuck it. Some people may not.

If you want to know something more about me, ask me damnit.

Genocider Syo

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Genocider Syo

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Welcome back, Genocider Syo! Are you gonna get a new computer soon? Old laptop sounds pretty bad
I plan on getting a gaming laptop before the end of this year. My current laptop isn't THAT bad. It just wasn't made to handle games like TF2 and other games like it. Though, I was speaking with my cousin a week ago and he said to give him some time and he'll drop by my house and see wtf he can do with my laptop, as he's an expert with computers and shit.