New Add or update vsh_grid_walls_reworked

Reworked this map in a couple of hours, thought it could use it. Improved features have been posted below!

Original map creator: Icarus

I'll try to keep it up to date, so any feedback is definitely welcome!

Version: vsh_grid_walls_reworked

+ Color coded design with arrows, allowing for easier navigation
+ Improved textures
+ Smoother door transitions
+ Extra props and decals
+ Extra health and ammo kits
+ Optimizations
+ Stupidly small file size (~500KB)
Download Link
New update for the Rats Saxy map.

[Addition] Added tribute for Rick May
[Fix] Fixed the control point not working (Takes 30 seconds to capture, allowing the red team or Saxton Hale to have enough time to rotate)
Download Link