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How would a inexperienced trader value a price of something they have to sell or buy from someone so they dont get ripped off or sharked?


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#5 is a good source. They have price suggestions that are typically based on actual sales/trades. However, keep in mind these are just suggestions and at times can be outdated. Some items with special characteristics (e.g. rare, clean, duped, spelled) may at times be much more or less. Depending on the item, you might also want to compare how much the sales orders are at relative to the buy orders. When the buy orders are a close match to the sell orders it typically means it's a highly desirable item (e.g. australium weapons).
Pretty much everyone in the TF2 trading community relies on for price suggestions. These prices are usually very trustworthy and reliable for most items. But this is MOST items. Not all. Check how much people are selling it for especially in more expensive stranges (like strange huntsmans). Unusual prices are also very commonly outdated so they're more of a vague estimate (use how long ago it was dated and how much ppl are selling/buying it for, for a reference). There are plenty of youtube videos explaining this better than I ever could so go check some of those out, the virtualeconomist has some really helpful videos in terms of unusual trading/pricing. Also, please note that does not account for killstreaks when applied to skins, and some other things. Always make sure to see what other people are selling/buying for. If you can't find the price of an item on and if other people aren't selling the item, you can use similar listings to determine a price. For example, if I wanted to sell a factory new balloonicorn rifle but didn't have a price reference, I could see how much a minimal wear balloonicorn rifle was selling for and sell my factory new rifle for a couple keys up or something. The same can be done with unusuals as a lot of unusual effects are similar and can be used as decently reliable price guidlines. If you still aren't sure of prices use tf2outpost or and see what ppl are selling items for as a guideline. Hope this helped :D
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Oh, and don't follow Steam Community Market Values. Cuz they're just dumb. A revolver I had that I bought for 18 ref sold for $58 on the market somehow. so that made my bp value jump a whole lot. idk.
Oh, and don't follow Steam Community Market Values. Cuz they're just dumb. A revolver I had that I bought for 18 ref sold for $58 on the market somehow. so that made my bp value jump a whole lot. idk.
A key on SCM in my country is 9 AED, whilst on is only 7.34 AED. Fuckin tax.


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If you don't look at the Steam Community Market you might be missing opportunities.

The other day I sold a skinned revolver for something like $10. The skin cost me about $1.50 and is readily available for purchase. :^)

Trading is one of those things that's constantly changing. The more you're exposed to what is happening, and the more leverage you have from different sources, the more you can profit.

There's always people willing to overpay to upgrade and likewise you can be overpaid in downgrades. 10-20% is not uncommon. That's where a lot of traders make their profit.
I dont like using cause it is just a mess and is disorganized for me
then ur pretty much fucked in terms of pricing. i guess you could use stntrading but if you think is disorganized then stn is much worse. I personally think that is fine and pretty easy to use but it took me some getting used to in terms of navigation and whatnot. have some patience and it'll be easier.


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What i meant is after you search something up and if you go through links inside of items.
what. is organize, just know how to use it. I'm pretty sure there are guides on youtube how to use and price check. Or just ask people on your friend list the item value.


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Something cool like this exist ???? You have internet for a reason, to search things up instead of going to the library or getting textbooks.

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Yo Kenny everyone is right about Idk how you use it or what your doing but when someone’s buying something from me I go into my backpack with this link ——-> It brings me to my bp and tells me a good price for everything. I just scroll down till I find whatever the hell im looking for and tell them. It’s pretty easy so whatever your trying to do is obviously wrong because you think is un-organized. I’m not trying to be a dick but that’s just how it is.


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There is also a pricecheck command on sg, (the annoying price list updated message that lags the whole server), though I haven't used it in a long time so idk how it is

!pc [item]