announce admin applications


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so when admin applications are open people usually do not know that they are open until it is too late, I think it can be announced in discord because if not then no one know if admin applications are up or not. that way people know when admin applications are open I'm quite surprised that this community doesn't have that feature, what I'm just saying we should announce if players want to apply or not giving that announcement might approve something.


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I am fairly certain last admin apps I was the first one to see them open and put that in the discord general. As Moashu said if you are active on these forums (which can get boring at times) it shouldn’t be a problem. If not just look in the discord because we all were talking about our apps there. If you aren’t somewhat active on either (checking the announcements once a week doesn’t count) you aren’t gonna know about these things and prob shouldn’t even be staff at that point.