Appeal For minecraft pvp pro

-SteamID: STEAM_1:1:74624625
-Steam Name: minecraft pvp pro
-Context: Ban-evading a shorter ban on an alternate account.
-Removed Or Lowered: I think it's been enough time since the ban happened (About 8 months) for me to have learned my lesson. This is the only jailbreak server I used to play on that I actually enjoyed, and it was a stupid decision to ban-evade. I genuinely want to start playing on this server again as I enjoy it and its constand players so much. Thanks for the appeal opportunity!


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Looks like you've tried framing another player in addition to ban evasion.
well, he IS a professional, he has standards, and framing is the highest tier of standards. I nominate we revoke his ban and frame him for a ddos and reban him