's Mann Co. Supply Crate Key price has hit 50 refined for the first time


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Yesterday, the prices of keys on hit 50 refined metal (and rising,) with a newly accepted suggestion of 52.22-52.44 refined - or one TF2 inventory page's worth of refined. It looks like the economy has finally taken a turn.

What does everyone think about this? I remember back when on key was worth a mere 3 refined, so this is insane to me.
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I remember when keys were 3 refined too. TF2 Beta was still a thing, the TF2 trade window was drastically different, vintage hats were the shit... good times, now merely just a memento of an ages long past.
The economy is drastically changing over time. Trading a unique weapon up to a Mann. Co Key is slowly becoming a myth at this point.

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what the fuck? its at 52 refined now? shit two years ago it was like 22 ref. wtf happened to the market


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It was 2.33 ref per key when I started playing in 2011.

The problem is that there's no metal sink; Combine that with AFK farming on extremely cheap TF2 accounts and you get the rising inflation of metal. Unlike keys, there just isn't an inherent value to metal.

This problem was pointed out years and years ago, but Valve in their neglect and incompetence have done nothing. I, for one, can't wait for 100 ref per key.
time to cash out before the economy takes a nose dive?
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