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i got ban on orange for evading a mute for context: everyone was trolling this dude you kept use hate speech I'm pretty sure but he got ban (his name was winter) by a admin maned scarlet everyone was blowing in they're mics scarlet then muted muted them including me after i said free toaster (one of the guys muted) i thought it was because of that so i went to the discord and said quote "bruh got gagged and muted for saying free toaster legit 1984 free me dog" and didn't get a answer from so at the time getting impatient i change my name to "unmute and ungag me legit 1984" (this can be see in my previous names list at STEAM_0:0:526570135) little did i know that it could unmute me so scarlet banned me reasonably for evading a mute but i talked to scarlet on the discord and scarlet helped me get to the form and here i am now. i think i should be unbanned because it was a simple misunderstanding on my part and i dint know the information at the time. i also change my name back to IMTATORZ if you want to search it up or use the id above in the context about the situation here is the link to bans i could not figure out how to get a link to my ban so here
anyways hopefully i get unbanned and also everyone have a great rest of your night or day