Blues with no mics

The Wizard

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Hear me out, I’m all for new people with no mics to come and play on the jb server, but I believe there’s an issue with people going on blue w/o a mic. My issue is that people with no mics can’t go warden, I see a lot of issues when the team is all people with no mics and the reds continue to have freedays over and over again. I feel as if the rule should be reverted to people need to have a mic to be on blu in the first place, 99% of people who play when there’s 10-20 players on this server before it gets populated at its peak also see this issue with me.


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Yes, and it's frustrating when there's just a single warden that's a big annoyance to listen to be the warden for the entire map.
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Idk why they thought it was a good idea.