New Bone's FF2 Bosses


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So I finally finished learning how to rig/make FF2 bosses. This first one I'm posting is more of a proof of (somewhat) competence than anything, but I plan on making more and just updating this thread when I do, rather than making a new thread every single time.

The first boss I've finished is Needles "Sweet Tooth" Kane from the Twisted Metal series. Here's how he looks in game:
sweet tooth.jpg

I don't have any videos of gameplay, but I'll describe him best I can. He's got your basic Super Jump and Weighdown abilities, as well as a rage that spooks and ignites nearby players. The afterburn lasts 7 seconds. To make him less trash, I've given his Axtinguisher the ability to crit enemies that are on fire. So he works a bit like Pyroshark except with fire.

Most of his attributes are left to FF2's default. Such as his Health pool and base damage of his Axtinguisher. I didn't add the 334% damage buff and 35% damage force reduction the majority of the bosses here have. I assumed that's either the defaults on the server's FF2 plugin, or changed manually, so his can be changed if needed.

He uses the Dynamic Defaults plugin for his Super Jump and Weighdown, since I like how they feel better than the regular defaults.
He also uses Darthmule's Rage Condition plugin for the ignite rage, rather than the Phat Rages plugin, so that players (and the boss) aren't blinded by the particles.

Both of the mentioned plugins are included with the models/materials/sounds etc, as well as fastdl versions of everything.
Here are all the necessary files

Now that I'm done drowning everyone in information, I hope you decide to use my boss/enjoy it.

TL;DR version: Local edgy ice cream clown becomes Pyroshark but with fire.


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Looks interesting, I agree its kind of pyroshark but with fire but I like the detail in the model, believe I once worked with another twisted metal boss... something with the theme song of no rest for the wicked, and that boss turned out pretty fun to play with / against even if it wasn't the most original idea mechanically.