[Bug] Dash Hales on Top_arena

so the bug is that when a dash hale (hat kid, antasma, and dio brando) accidentally falls into the pit, they cant get out. Can they get some sort of emergency teleport or super duper jump so they can actually get out the pit? ive heard some other bosses cant get out either, but guaranteed these 3 cant get out
I think this is more of a map issue than a boss issue. Very few maps now have death pits like that, and if they do, they have teleporters underneath them to prevent bosses getting stuck. top_arena is a pretty old map.

I suppose a really long charging jump or teleport could be given to those bosses just so they have an emergency exit, but it might confuse players and only really have a purpose on top_arena.

Sweet Tooth shouldn't have that issue once his update is pushed out, since I reverted him back to the default jump system and that has a Super Duper Jump function built in.