New Can we change back to the default health values?


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The change in health values oddly enough steers way further from regular tf2 than you would think. Switching back between the two is a mess and most should be kills usually ends in someone with 4 hp. If I hit a pyro 4 times with a whip, I'm expecting him to die. And there's no bigger slap in the face than knowing that your opponent should be dead only to end up dead yourself because of a "statistical bail out" as I call it.

If the goal is to make the blue team balanced, I'd argue it already is. Plus reds have the same health values anyway so I can't imagine it actually doing that much difference in terms of balancing. If you ask me I'd rather have the health values be as close to regular tf2 as possible, so you don't end up switching mindsets in terms of core gameplay.

The change felt really unnecessary when it happened(just for the record I've always been really iffy on it). And as I play more on red team it's becoming very apparent just how dumb the change in health values really is.


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Having to melee a scout 3 times to kill them and not being able to kill a medic with one headshot is pretty bad. Theres really no reason to increase health so having normal hp would be nice