cp_orange_z7 Replacement Discussion thread

Bring Back z7?

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Heya! Recently, Orange's map, orange_z7, was replaced. The map it was replaced with is orange_x7.

Here's a list of changes for those that are too lazy to check themselves:

• Removed Red and Blue side towers and replaced them with small walls for capture points
• Removed the entire underground section
• Replaced a few textures
• Moved the final capture points for both sides back, and added walls around them for cover
• Removed the Arena Room
• Made the map darker
• Removed the sniper towers and their respective entrances.
• Removed the water underneath the main tower
• Replaced the middle cover with a small ditch, on both sides
• Removed the 3D Skybox
• Removed the spawndoors for both red and blue spawnrooms
• Replaced the far back sniper spots with large walls on both sides

Feel free to compare screenshots yourself on the gamebanana pages. Keep in mind that these maps are years old, and both are beloved by many. What do you think about this change? Should Orange go back to how it was before? Vote in the poll! Discuss!
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As much fun as the nostalgia hype is for it, it's quickly dying down and I miss the old map. Much more interesting and more fun against snipers. So im all for bringing back z7
going off of what he said, the new map basically just feels like a downgrade and I would like to see the old map come back. I personally dont enjoy the map as much as the old one and I was never around for the x7 way back when so the whole nostalgia thing just doesnt work for me. so yeah Id really like to see it come back


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If I had any say in it, I would vote for it to be put on rotation with the newer map.

I think its time we put a couple maps on rotation on that server and some people (me) really like the old map...so it would be a good compromise as well as inject some variety onto that server (it could use it IMO)