Denied's Position as Admin.

Hello fellow SG players,
Many of you know me from playing JB or JB 2, I'm MrSirKevin. I have heard today that Denied is suspended of Admin, and may lose his position entirely. He is one of my favorite Admins and always upholds his position. I've done mishaps before such as mic spam and he has always gotten me for it. He is great at what he does, and he deserves to stay Admin. I hope you take this message into consideration, and if you agree with me please respond with your thoughts as well. I believe dialogue is a great way of getting things done, and if we can start a dialogue, I'm sure we can reach a compromise.
Love, MrSirKevin

P.S. Hold my beer and watch this is running a child sex ring, and he is also running an illegal foreskin reattachment business. Please apprehend him.