Do you think unusuals are a scam?

Its one of the reasons tf2 is so appealing to me, trading as a whole is the only reason i still play tf2. You could spend no money on the game and have many unusual hats just from trading. me i skipped the ref trading and started with 25 keys and have had many backpacks over 500USD. when people tell me its a scam i tell them they are lazy and dumb x10.
its only a scam if you look at it from a purely gambling sense. It's that near impossible to get thing thats dangling like a carrot on a string to get you to buy more keys to open more crates.

but from a trading perspective you have control over what you get, so you're not forking out cash for hundreds of worthless items at random.

as long as you enjoy doing it then whatever *shrug*
Tbh, game items are really really vulnerable and if spending your entire money on it and for some reason the company "accidentally" cleared a number of people 's online inventories you could be broke.

Short, use your money to improve your life. Not your look in a videogame.
Pretty much what Gearhop said. There are some good unusuals that you can ONLY get through unboxing though. For example, I really want an Infernal Smoke Didgeridrongo, but there's only one in existence and it's not for sale; a lot of really nice unusuals are like this, and unless you have literal God luck, you'll just have to accept that you'll never get them. If you still want to fuck around and unbox a bunch of crates in an attempt, though, then it's entirely your choice.
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