Favorite anime

Mine is Starlight Vs The Forces of Neg-

(This portion of the sentence has been cut off due to the sole reason of being Offensive or Racist to some people on this community.)
initial d
After all these years I can stand and say I have changed in tastes. I can't watch ecchi, harem or anything that just has strong fan service. It's not that it's bad. It's just if I wanna see tiddy I can see straight well tiddy. I wanna say that the best anime I have seen is Steins;Gate. I mean it might have garnered more attention now for sure. Though it's really good and I enjoyed it. I'd recommend it and hey everyone likes something different so I understand. Aside from the joke ActuallyReese I'm waiting on the season Finale. I just watched if for giggles summer. Then it got well entertaining further in and stuff. One hour season special just air please....