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Sup-.. oh wait this is a thread about games.
Well, my question is what is your most played game on steam?
I'm talking about how many hours have you spend on it and we are not including Team Fortress 2, any other game that is not Team Fortress Classic(Are there people who play classic???) or 2.
Post a screenshot or just normal hours I'm interested in seeing how much of your life you've wasted ;d


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My favorite game atm is Nier, mostly because its refreshing and i've never played something like it before. of alltime, though, i'd have to go with OXENFREE.
My most played currently :
  1. Team Fortress 2 (5,078 hours, with the recent thousand mainly spent on SG)
  2. Terraria (664 hours, half of which was modded)
  3. Source Filmmaker (516 hours)
  4. Spiral Knights (409 hours, 90% grinding and 10% idle in the hub world being spammed with Guild invites)
  5. Starbound (300 hours, all heavily modded because the base game is a bare-bones collectathon)
I agree on that with the starbound, I used to play it a lot and... well the normal version sucks.
I have an alt account that I haven't played in for year and a half which has at least 500 hours on Team Fortress and 1000 hours on CS:GO
(Don't mind the VR Chat, (Downloaded because of Jameskii xd))