Favorite Nintendo games from N64, SNES, and NES?


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My favorite game for the NES is Super Mario Bros 3, SNES is Earthbound, and N64 is Super Mario 64. Give me your favorite games for those consoles.

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My favourite game for the NES is SMB3, I've never actually played on a SNES but I hear there are some pretty good games for it, and my favourite for Nintendo 64 is Star Fox.

Quick note, can you guys not just turn peoples' threads into insult sessions rather than what they're intended to be. Picture this, you post a thread and can't wait to see what other people's favourite games are, maybe even make some new friends in the process, but instead of commenting that they just start saying
Stop making threads.
Please even if you don't understand the example, just stop turning threads into "roast boards"