[FF2] Boss Rebalance Ideas


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So as it stands some bosses are well... pretty good. Some not so fortunate. I've made a small list of ideas that could be added into the game, changing up the lesser played bosses to have a few buffs or some bosses with heavy upsides; nerfing them a bit.


Honestly the only thing I would change about her is how she can teleport. It'd be better if she can super jump, cause teleport isn't viable on bosses that can't stun opponents. (honestly one of my favorite bosses)


Also consider giving him mobility in some form. Maybe make him the first boss to incorporate not only dashing and teleporting? (again any boss without mobility suffers from being out classed but players who can escape vertically)

Hat Kid

Oh boy everyone's favorite hale to fight against. Nothing about her is objectively wrong except the two dashes she has, just give them an increased cooldown. It's just way too high spam potential.

These were mostly just my personal opinion and kind of how some of the community members feel on issue. I made sure to ask around and get some input so it isn't completely biased and these were the most common responses. Hope these ideas make it in the game!


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Administrator came with teleport, that's something we'd rather not change. Numbers are ok to change, abilities not so much.

Dashing would be stupidly strong on mewtwo given his reflect.

Hat Kid is still being worked on and numbers reviewed, it's a known thing that she can be a bit oppressive with her spam.


basically hitlerchan
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Just know that a lot of things change a bit slower because it could just be a "specifically only these players" manage to do this well, and so there may be a different change needed rather than if it was a "everyone" does well on a certain boss.