FF2 Server buffs & weapons now unfairly balanced in favor of red team

This is my first post! I have a little something to say;

The new buffed Brass Beast went from 50% damage reduction to 70% under 50% HP. The Vaccinator was also changed, making it really viable. The Brass Beast is easily ruled the best minigun on the server and puts Hale's chances of winning a lot harder and more at stake.

For example, regular bosses that deal 270 hp per punch would hit Heavies using the Brass Beast for 81. This would take 7 hits to kill only one heavy, without overheal.

The block effect for demo shields was also readded back to the game, making it harder to kill Demomen than it before with 4 heads.

Extra bits

In maps with the use of vents, especially abandoned_warehouse, Direct hit soldiers can deal around 800 damage with crits while the hale has to walk to them, taking lots of damage in the process.