Freak Fortress 2's clean up poll

It has since been nearly six years since the beginning of the FF2 server. Over time we’ve been adding more and more content to FF2. This comes in the form of new bosses and periodic reworks mechanics and items.

It has however come to a point where the maintenance of all this content has bogged down FF2 work as a whole. SG currently operates 4 servers, and I only have a limited amount of time to allocate to each. For now, it is in our best interests to do a clean-up that would bring several benefits.
  • Decrease the amount of time you spend downloading various assets
  • Decrease the amount of time that FF2 spends sorting through all these assets
  • Reduce the number of cookie-cutter bosses with overlapping abilities
  • Spend more time on tuning and tweaking a smaller subset of bosses
  • Spend more time on tuning and tweaking red-side items instead
  • Reduce overall maintenance costs so more of the time can be allocated towards the above
This clean-up will primarily focus on
  • Removing bosses that overlap in abilities or otherwise lower quality
  • Reviewing the most commonly used items on the Red team (followed by the rest as required)
  • Reviewing the damage model for several of the special mechanics (Backstab, Market Gardener, Caber)
  • Reviewing the base damage model of bosses
  • Reviewing the base health and regeneration values for the Red team
Of course, as this means the removal of playable bosses, someone will have their favorite boss removed. For that, I have prepared a poll so that you can let us know which ones are your favorites and I will see which and be prioritized when there are several bosses in contention. We had one such other clean up in late 2014 for reference.

Poll can be found here:

Although included in the poll, the original FF2 cast will be guaranteed to remain. Those being Saxton Hale, CBS, Bunny, etc.

If you have a forum account, you can reply to this thread, or join in the conversation on our Discord server as well.


Big chungus is staying :)