New Heavy is not as fun (or good) as he once was

Should heavy regain his KB for reasons stated below?

  • Yes, poor heavy needs some much needed love, valve doesn't give any

  • No, heavy should stay as he is, a stomping mat

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The added knock back resistance on the hale has really made heavy unplayable against (good) jump hales. Specifically those who know how to use their jump for goombas.
This was not always the case. In the past, the hale's KB resistance was at if not below 50%, but most recently it has been at 60% and now it is at 65%. When the KB resist was lower, you used to be able to use heavy's minigun KB to keep the boss from getting easy goombas on you. But this was only the case if you aimed perfectly and hit all of your shots, so there was a high skill demand for achieving this and it was not an easy or consistent thing to do. Nowadays, if the hale jumps at you, you are dead. No hope, no possible way of dealing with it.

Maybe having a KB resist on hales at 65% for all the other classes is fine, but for heavy, the only thing that protects him from goombas is his KB. Heavy is already vulnerable enough to goombas as it is, he didn't need to be in any worse of a position like he is now.

To give heavy his ability to be playable again against (good) jump/dash hales, I suggest
  1. give heavy a base 20% increase in firing rate on all of his mini guns to increase his knockback
  2. reduce heavy mini gun base damage by 20% to compensate for the added fire rate as his dps output is fine how it is
  3. increase heavy's ammo capacity on all of his miniguns to compensate for using more ammo with the increased fire rate

I think it was perfectly balanced the way it was before, there was a way for heavy to be rewarded for playing well. It also showed hale skill expression as well because if they were smart, they could strafe dodge your bullets and goomba you anyway. It was a two-way street back then, but now its one way... die...
Probably out of all the classes the increased KB resist increases have hurt heavy the most, and he really hasn't gotten any buffs to compensate.