Hello mario


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Hey I'm Polymur I frequent the JB servers I have a thing for sunbeams unusuals and I like to play JB well not much on the outside but I like to have fun if you don't remember me by name here some notable things I've done

-Pull up on polymur day
basically I 1v1 every red until I die and on occasion you win something
-I applied for admin once
it was a really bad post an still regret making it but hey it never works the first time

I still don't know what else uh here is some links that will be useful
my backpack.tf
my steam account

well uh yeah that's it


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Hi Poly! I expect someone will say something about the equalizer! Welcome back to the forums :)


Where tf your equalizer at


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TF2 Admin
If I had control over it it would probably be in the game.