Hello Sg-gaming

Hello everyone, my name is Alaitria Kane. You can call me AL if you want. I am a musician and I like to play TF2 and make TF2 content in my spare time. My YouTube channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh-8fKoqqwHowgeNFsj7xcA. So I found this server recently after being banned from Wonderland.tf. The server was pretty crappy, but it was nice for getting content since a lot of little kids and toxic people play on that server. This was the most full server when I searched up "Jailbreak". When I joined, I instantly fell in love with the server. The people are nice, the system is well made, the staff are competent, and it was a blast playing. I think I'm gonna like this server and I am gonna be here for a long time. Hope everyone has a great day, cya :D