Hello There

Why hello there. I've been playing on the crit server for years now but never interacted with anyone outside In-game conversations and occasional #admin-request messages. Anyways, I guess this is a formal introduction for those who don't know me.

According to my Merc Badge I've had TF2 since 2011 but only really started playing in 2013. Nowadays I've been totally converted into a "Crit Dweller" and only play on crit servers. I started playing on SG's crit server since at least late 2015 as I recall? The most recent footage I have of me playing on SG is from Dec 6 2016 and I remember playing before then, hmmmmm anywho I'm rambling. Outside of the crit server I've never really conversed with the community at all really so why not change that!

As for me as a person, I've always enjoyed the community side of servers and tend to stick with 1 server I'm familiar with, for TF2 that just so happens to be this server. I tend to see myself as pretty laxed with the game although SMG's are very intent on proving that wrong. I used to play Sniper alot but toned down my use of the class because I find it to cheap and also because I'm battling with wrist issues which sniping defiantly does not help with (Thanks, ye aussie point and click adventure lookin'..)

Aside from that I'm addicted to custom hitsounds and killsounds and my game is ever so slowly turning into a meme. No joke on this either the TF2 Valve intro on my client is the GameCube startup.

Something kind of interesting to note is that because I only play on SG Crit that I made a shortcut to connect to the server on my main menu which can be seen here:

Thanks for reading this (in my opinion) lengthy introduction and hope to interact with you all more!